Supple: The World’s First Interactive Sitcom

About a month ago my husband told me to check out The Sims 3 teaser site. For some reason the site wasn’t working so I went to YouTube and searched for The Sims 3 trailer. Instead of finding a trailer for The Sims 3 I found a trailer for a game called Supple, which some people confused with The Sims 3. I watched the trailer and became interested so I checked out the site. On the site I read some testimonials and reviews and decided I would download the free hour-long demo. I played through the demo and instantly became addicted. My hour was up and because I really liked it I decided to buy it.

In the game you play as Arin Costello, an Associate Editor for Supple Magazine. Her goal is to work hard and be promoted to Style Editor. During the game you are found competing against your coworker Hugh Chadwick who is trying for the same position. You will also meet your boss Margot Winterbottom who you must impress along the way.

Supple is very similar to The Sims in the way it is set up. But like the title says, it is an interactive sitcom so it is definitly different than The Sims. During the game you have to become friends with your boss and coworker and to achieve this you’ll have to do certain things like go shopping for clothes and gifts, be social, go to the bar, take courses on the computer, drink coffee, etc. I ended up really enjoying the game and finished it on every difficulty. You never really know what to expect and that makes it interesting. Because they actually talk it makes the conversations a lot more engaging. The graphics and quality of the game aren’t that great compared to The Sims but it’s still fun if you enjoy The Sims but want more of a story behind your game.

If your interested in downloading the free 60 minute trial click the link below:

The full version of the game doesn’t require a disk and is available to download through the site as well as the demo.

Patrick Adams

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