Konami’s Critter Round-Up

My mom and sister are here to visit and I was expecting to have Wii Fit on Monday (not Wednesday) but that didn’t happen so I decided to look on WiiWare and see if there was anything fun to download for us to play. I noticed Konami’s Critter Round-Up was available and after checking a trailer for it I thought it looked like cute family fun. So I shelled out $10…yes $10…more than the price of the most amazing PSN game ever (PixelJunk Monsters) and yes, the same price as Lost Winds. I later found out that I was totally ripped off. Critter Round-Up is a lame “build the fence around some animals” game that has super-poor graphics and looks like it was made by some 10 year olds. The point of the game is to build fences around the animals, keeping the same animals together. Bears with bears, goats with goats, and so on. You press 1 to build the fence and 2 to jump. Any animal you touch will kill you and you only have 3 lives. Bears and wolves will even run after you to eat you. My main complaint with the game was the inability to be able to stop building a fence once you’ve started. The only way you can stop is to connect it you another fence. The whole game is set up on a grid which makes it really hard to direct your guy correctly. Critter Round-Up supports up to 4 players and also has an additional 4 mini games which are better than the main “adventure,” but not by much. Critter Round-Up might be worth $5 but definitely not $10. Use that money on something like Lost Winds or PixelJunk Monsters. I don’t know if there is some cult following for Critter Round-Up or if Konami just wants to make a quick buck but it’s games like these that are going to give WiiWare a bad rep.

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