Lost Winds

Now that my Xbox 360 is in repair I was happy to come back to the Wii and check out what WiiWare had to offer. I decided to download Lost Winds over the weekend. Boy am I glad I did. I had heard some good things about it from various journalists and knew that I would have to give it a try. Lost Winds is a great game, the best on WiiWare by far. The main game mechanic at work here is wind. You use the Wii remote to blow wind towards Toku (the character you are controlling) and this causes him “fly.” Along the way you unlock more powers which allow you to do more things such as draw a line where you want the wind to go and so on. Lost Winds’ story reminds me a lot of Zelda. Even though the game is as good as it can be for $10 the world of Mistralis looks beautiful. I am also really digging the music. It’s very relaxing and is one of the reasons I love the game so much. There is already talk of a sequel in production. Visit the Lost Winds site for more info.

Lost Winds really sets a good pace for WiiWare. It also gives me a great idea of the potential that WiiWare has. I have no problem spitting up $10 for a game that is better than most of the $50 Wii games out there. If developers will sit down and take the time to utilize the Wii controls and create games that are up to speed with Lost Winds then WiiWare could over shine PSN and XBLA in the near future.

Lost Winds is a must-download if you have a Wii. If you already have the game…do you agree?

Patrick Adams

I am the founder/creator of Everyday Gamers. I am a husband, father, and gamer. You can find me as CrownOfThornz on Xbox Live, PS3, and Twitter.

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