Assault Heroes 2

The first Assault Heroes is by far one of the best games on XBLA to this day so I was happy to hear that Assault Heroes 2 was being released and so soon at that. My Xbox was red ringin’ when it was released so I had to wait a few weeks to play it but as soon as my 360 came back I downloaded it and gave it a try with my wife. We played through the first 10 areas before we realized that Medium is more like Hard. I don’t usually ever play on Easy mode but this was an exception, plus we just wanted to enjoy it. The first thing I noticed when playing AH2 was the level of detail this version has compared to the last. The overall look is a lot different than the first one, you have way more things going on on screen than before. More things to blow up, more enemies, more scenery. The jungle levels were probably the most beautiful as we climbed up ancient ruins and fought off dinosaurs…yes dinosaurs. Assault Heroes is everything I would want in a sequel. My wife is also enjoying the game a lot too. Overall AH2 is a must buy if you enjoyed the first one, it’s everything a sequel should be.

Patrick Adams

I am the founder/creator of Everyday Gamers. I am a husband, father, and gamer. You can find me as CrownOfThornz on Xbox Live, PS3, and Twitter.

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