So much has already been said about this game. So hopefully you can still get something out of this review. First of all I want to say that BioShock is truly amazing, Ken Levine and the crew really got it right this time. Most games I find myself about half way through and I just want to beat the game already, but this game is different, I never wanted it to end, ever.

First of all the game has a really interesting story that makes the gamer want to know really what happened down there in Rapture. I think that this story is interesting because we’ve never experienced a game based on a non-futuristic underwater city. I love that they didn’t make it futuristic. Same thing with the art direction, amazing. If it wasn’t set in the 50’s then this game probably wouldn’t have caught my attention as much as it did. All the levels were very interesting. You might look at it and say it looks pretty much the same throughout but if you are really into the game you can see the difference in the places you visit. One of my favorite experiences is when you come down into rapture for the first time and you can really see the art direction that they were going for.

One of the main things that I really liked about the game was the interaction. I would take the time to check every box, cabinet, corpse, and storage case in hopes of finding something, anything. At first you were collecting money and eve, but eventually you started finding little pieces like screws and tubing in which you could use to invent things. I love that about this game. It’s not like most games in where you get pushed through, and most of the people that played that game went through it the same exact way you did, it’s more of an experience. There are so many ways that you could have gone about the game. Whether you want to hack everything, destroy everything, harvest everything, or save everything. It’s your choice but you make that choice without even knowing you are doing it. Whether you want to use plasmids or weapons or a combination. You decide. There is no wrong decision either. BioShock is truly an experience. I know that everyone out there who plays it is going to experience it differently.

The only thing that I was worried about the whole time while I was playing the game was the chance that I might get “stuck.” What I mean by “stuck” is, no money, no ammo, and no health, and no eve. Because everything is connected. I can say though now that I finished the game I never got “stuck” and I think it’s pretty hard. There are so many ways to go about the game that it’s practically impossible to get stuck. A few times I had low ammo and wondered how I was gonna make it through, then I would come back to an area and find that ammo and other things magically appeared there. I’m not sure if it was placed there for me or if it was just a coincidence. The respawning was also a big help. I was surprised to find out that you didn’t get penalized for the respawning. This helped when fighting Big Daddy’s.

Another thing that I didn’t expect when going into this game was how much of a horror game this really is. I would find myself at times turning the volume down a bit. But this wasn’t like most horror games. There was blood spattered everywhere throughout the whole game but rarely did you ever really experience it. I think you were left to wonder what happened to those people and use your own imagination there.

All in all this game is a masterpiece. I never wanted it to end and that is rare in a game for me. What you should do if you haven’t played it is quit reading about it and just go buy this. I know most people will be satisfied. This is what a game should be. I believe that BioShock will be what people will compare games to from now on. It just hits the nail straight on and hopefully this will be a wake-up call to all the developers out there just trying to pump games out ASAP to make some money. I know I will play BioShock a few more times before I put it down and I can’t wait to see what Ken Levine can cook up next.

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