Garden Marbles

Garden Marbles is the second game from Cocoa Touch Games. The object of the game is to get all of the black marbles into the “pond” without letting the white marble go in. If the white marble goes in then the level is reset and you lose 2 seconds time from your timer. Blue marbles give you more points and yellow marbles give you more time. The gameplay is simple, just tilt the iPhone to have the marbles go where you want them. Some obstacles will be presented throughout the gardens such as trees, bushes, and rocks.

Garden Marbles is typical CTG. It’s simple and addictive and can be played in short bursts. My one complaint with the game is the fact that the marbles don’t look like marbles, they just look like circles sliding across the screen. If they can update the game to have the marbles look more like they are rolling and give them more realistic marble-like physics then this game would be perfect for me. As with Bug Bounce, you can upload your high score to worldwide leaderboards.

Garden Marbles has a great art-style and is fun for short periods of time. If the $2.99 price point doesn’t scare you then you might want to look into picking this one up. Cocoa Touch Games still shows a lot of promise with its upcoming titles and I am personally looking forward to Star Tumble and Flick Car. Keep an eye out for more from Cocoa Touch Games.

**Creator David Janik-Jones stated in an email that they are working on a 1.0.1 update which will include a fix for scores being orientated wrong in some cases and a fix for making sure the iPhone’s auto-lock doesn’t come on while playing the game because it is not triggered by the accelorometer. David wants to let users know that he is quick to respond to fixes and these fixes should be out soon.

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