The Stone of Destiny

I’m not sure when The Stone of Destiny was released for the iPhone but after I heard it had gone down to $1.99 (originally $9.99) I downloaded it without hesitation. The Stone of Destiny is a simple object finding game just like the ones we’ve become accustomed to but also packs in some other unique puzzles in between. TSOD’s story is driven by a nicely presented comic that you tap to get through.

In the beginning of the game you will be searching for objects such as helmets, swords, frogs, etc. Later they switch it up a bit and they give you the silhouette of the object you must find. In between the object finding games you will be presented with 3D puzzles such as moving tombs, placing rocks into their respective holes, rearranging symbols, and drawing symbols. These 3D puzzles are awesome and I think it would be great if they were the whole game. Imagine a 3rd person adventure game that you must go through and solve puzzles to get further. Some of the 3D animations in TSOD looked great and got me wanting more, a whole game based off of them.

Now, even though there is something very addicting about TSOD I still have some complaints that make this game short of 4 stars. One of my main complaints is the fact that the colors are so bare in some of the stages which makes it practically impossible to see some of the objects. The size of everything doesn’t really help either, anyone with the slightest case of bad eye sight will do horrible at this game. I am very surprised I could even find some of the stuff I’ve found as some objects are the size of a pin head. There is an option to zoom in but I don’t find the zoom to be far enough and the backgrounds and objects aren’t the clearest, they could be much better quality than they are. I also tend to find objects by accident. I will be scrolling along and accidentally tap on an object, this happened a lot. I don’t see how they could really prevent this anyways. Overall the game is still highly addicting and I suggest it to anyone who likes a good object finding game. The added puzzles bring a nice feel to the game. The Stone of Destiny runs for $1.99 in the appstore. Check out the trailer below to get a feel for what TSOD is all about.

Patrick Adams

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