Being a huge fan of tower defense games I immediately purchased “Fieldrunners” when I heard it was released. Fieldrunners is the best looking tower defense game on the iPhone by far but it is also very limited.

First I will tell you the positives of Fieldrunners. As I said before FR is an amazing looking game. It is also very intuitive. The object is to place the towers strategically across the map to prevent the armies from getting through to the other end and through the gate.You can build a Gatling gun tower, a goo tower, a missile tower, or an electricity tower. Pretty much all towers work on all enemies so there is not really any strategizing on that end. The cool thing about Fieldrunners is the fact that you can build pathways with towers to force the armies to go in specific directions. This is very helpful if you want to proceed further in the game.

Now for the negatives. This is the problem with FR, it’s such an amazing game but at the same time it is very lacking, with a few more months of work this game could have climbed right to first place on the “Top Paid” list for iPhone apps. The main surprise with FR is the fact that there is no sound. It seems like a basic feature but for some reason there is no sound. Next, there is only one map. I know this is fine for most people but after playing PixelJunk Monsters for hours on end I feel like there needs to be at least a few more maps to switch it up a bit. Next, I wouldn’t mind if they made it more like PJM in that you have to complete maps to move on, consisting of maybe 20 or 30 waves for each map instead of wave after wave until you die, maybe a little more structure. I know the developers, Subatomic Studios, are promising many new features with the next update but right now I am reviewing this game off of what is available now and that isn’t much.

Fieldrunners is a great start of a game that has a lot of potential. With the addition of the promised features this game could easily jump to a 4 out of 5. It even has the potential to rise up to 5 out of 5 if they deliver more than what we’re expecting.

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