Hiqup is a peg-jumping puzzle game from Moopf. The object of Hiqup is to end up with the least amount of pegs on the board as possible. There are three different types of pegs, ones that can jump horizontal and vertical, ones that can jump only diagonal, and lastly ones that can jump in any direction. Once a peg is jumped that peg disappears. The less the pegs at the end of the round the better the score. You will be given a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal depending on the puzzle and what was required to get those medals. Throw in some other crazy things like teleports, flowers to jump over, and black holes, and you have Hiqup. Hiqup is not an easy game as I have come to find out. The later levels become extremely hard and you really have to plan ahead. The art style of Hiqup is definitly a plus, the use of screen space is perfect and everything just feels right. This is a great looking game none-the-less.

Hiqup is fun, addictive, and easy to get started with. The tutorial will teach you in a snap so don’t feel intimidated, give it a try. Hiqup Lite is available now for free to give you a taste before you plop down a measly $1.99 for the full game which is well worth it. Hiqup is proof that there are great affordable iPhone games out there…somewhere.

Patrick Adams

I am the founder/creator of Everyday Gamers. I am a husband, father, and gamer. You can find me as CrownOfThornz on Xbox Live, PS3, and Twitter.

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