Dizzy Bee 2

Igloo-Games has released the sequel to their prized game Dizzy Bee by releasing Dizzy Bee 2. Dizzy Bee was always a personal favorite of mine. Don’t let the eye-catching art-style and cutesy sound effects of Dizzy Bee fool you, Dizzy Bee is pretty hardcore.

The overall look and feel of Dizzy Bee 2 is exactly the same as the previous version. You still tilt to control the round shaped bee and the colors and are still generally the same. If you haven’t studied everything about the first one you may take a look at it and see nothing different at first, but after you play through it you will start to see that this is truly a sequel.

The one aspect of the game that I noticed first was the enemies as far as I have played I’ve only seen about 1 enemy that is the same as I had encountered in the first Dizzy Bee. Enemies are more unique in this version and they bring some really fun elements to the game. There is one enemy that if you touch him he sucks you in his “stomach” for a few seconds and then spits you out. No longer do enemies just kill, they act in cool ways and change up the gameplay for the better.

dizzy-bee-2-1 dizzy-bee-2-2 dizzy-bee-2-3 dizzy-bee-2-4

Now I have to admit I was never really that great at Dizzy Bee so it always seemed to kick my butt but in Dizzy Bee 2 you are given the option to choose your difficulty. You can choose from Easy or Normal. I naturally went for Easy so I am having a lot more fun with Dizzy Bee 2 than I did the first one. I’ve noticed that with the Easy difficulty the bee seems to float around more than fly around, this is great and I am very happy that Igloo Games decided to add this option to the game. Another thing that Igloo Games decided to change with this sequel was to do away with the “too flat” warnings from the first game. Now you can hold your iPhone perfectly flat and control the bee with more precision.

Overall, Dizzy Bee 2 is the perfect sequel. With over 80 levels to master DB2 is priced very reasonably at $2.99. Believe me, this game is well worth it. Even if you haven’t played the first Dizzy Bee I suggest you pick up Dizzy Bee 2 first.


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