Ivory Tiles

Ivory Tiles is a very fun tile moving game from Munky Fun, creators of Mung Qi Fun for the iPhone. In Ivory Tiles you are to move tiles into their respective spots by tilting the iPhone in the direction you want the tile to slide. Each level brings something new to the table. Sometimes you will be in control of only one tile, sometimes many. Each level has a perfect score which is the least amount of moves you could make to complete the level. You can come back to any level once you’ve completed it and try to achieve that perfect score. I was very impressed with the later levels, the people who created Ivory Tiles really did a great job making the levels unique and interesting. At no point was I ever bored of the game.

ivory-tiles-1 ivory-tiles-2 ivory-tiles-3 ivory-tiles-4

I am really having a lot of fun with Ivory Tiles and would suggest it to anyone. With over 80 levels to perfect there is a lot of game here to challenge your brain with. Ivory Tiles is price at $1.99 which isn’t much for such a great game. If you are into puzzle games on the iPhone then I would say Ivory Tiles is a must-have.


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