Space Deadbeef

Space Deadbeef is an awesome little shooter that I think went under most people’s radar. Space Deadbeef, with it’s weird name, is a shooter of an interesting nature. You control a spaceship flying through space, similar to Aegis Wing on the 360’s XBLA. To control your ship you slide your finger up to go up and down to go down. To shoot you slide your finger over the enemy to automatically select all of the “hit spots,” these will show they are selected by producing a blue circle over that area. Each enemy has a set amount of “hit spots.” The larger the enemy the more spots your can shoot missiles at. Once you lift your finger off of the screen these heat-seeking missiles will shoot exactly where they are supposed to. As you go further in the game you are faced with more and more unique enemies causing you to draw your finger across the screen in many different shapes.

space-deadbeef-1 space-deadbeef-2 space-deadbeef-3

Space Deadbeef is an amazing game with an amazing price, that price would be $0.00. With tight controls and a unique gameplay mechanic that I haven’t seen in any shooter thus far Space Deadbeef will have a special spot of it’s own under the shooter genre. I give the team behind SDB some credit for thinking up such a simple but great way to play a shooter. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up right now.


Patrick Adams

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