Zombie Mansion

I always get really excited when I hear about developers that are working on an FPS for the iPhone. The problem is that I am usually disappointed with the final product. I wouldn’t call Zombie Mansion a disappointment but it isn’t exactly what I was hoping it would be.

With all of the great made-for-iphone games out there it seems like first person shooters still have to find their place on the iPhone. Zombie Mansion does a great job of showing that it is possible to run a relatively smooth FPS on the iPhone. The problem with Zombie Mansion is more about the polish than the gameplay. Zombie Mansion in my opinion is very generic. The music and graphics give me that 90’s low-budget PC shooter feel. It’s also not as zombified as I had hoped it would be. Zombie Mansion is more mummies, skeletons, wizards, and knights than it is zombies.

zombie-mansion-1 zombie-mansion-2 zombie-mansion-3

I was also turned off by the weapon you are given. This weapon just happens to be a magical wand that kinda looks like a large stogy. I was hoping more for some kind of gun than a stick. I can see some people out there really enjoying Zombie Mansion but me being spoiled with all the great console FPS’s this game isn’t really worth my time. I give Source IT Software credit for bringing an FPS to the iPhone but I am still yearning for one that doesn’t just play great but also looks like it came out this century. Bring Zombie Mansion down to $1.99 and I might call it worth the price.


Patrick Adams

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