Chocolate Shop Frenzy

In Chocolate Shop Frenzy you play a girl who is looking for a job. She stumbles upon an ad in the newspaper for a chocolate shop and decides to try it out. This girl then has to take on the tasks of running a chocolate shop for a year. CSF is a time management game similar to Diner Dash but with a lot more depth.

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In the beginning you basically just serve the customers chocolate in three different shapes of boxes: square, circle, or triangle. Later on in the game you have the option of playing the Recipe Lab mode to help you unlock different stuff in the game like new machines, new chocolate shapes, candy for unhappy customers, a hot chocolate machine to give you a boost, a paper machine to wrap the boxes in nice paper, and a coloring machine to color the chocolates. The Recipe Lab mode mini game is similar to Hexic in that you have to connect three shapes. This mini game comes up about every three days but you can access the Recipe Lab mode separately from the main menu to work on unlocking new things at any time. As you move further in the game your machines will update. They will get bigger so you can produce more chocolates at a time and produce them faster.

Each level brings a different kind of customer. Some of the customers are regular people, some are grandmas, others are police men. Each character has a different rule. For example police men are always on call so they could leave at any second, business men are impatient but will leave good tips and so on.

There are too many features to list here which is why Chocolate Shop Frenzy is such an awesome game. It has beautiful graphics (much better than Diner Dash) and runs perfectly. If you like Diner Dash or any other game similar to that then you will love Chocolate Shop Frenzy.

Chocolate Shop Frenzy is published by Digital Chocolate. The full game is $4.99 but there is a free version available in the app store for you to give it a try.


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