Retro Active Podcast – Level 1: Thanks for the Memories

Remember what it was like playing your favorite game in the arcades? Or maybe sitting in front of the TV, watching in awe as the SNES or Genesis brought your wildest dreams to life? Take a trip down memory lane with the Everyday Gamers Eric Bouchard, Tom Pine and Matt Lenz as we discuss our favorite arcade and early console games. Whether you’ve been a gamer for an extended period of time or are just getting into it, you’ll enjoy our discussion of our favorite gaming memories.

And yes, this podcast does prove that Eric is the old man of the group.

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Retro Active Podcast – Level 1

2 thoughts on “Retro Active Podcast – Level 1: Thanks for the Memories

  1. I think that David really outdid himself this time – beautiful graphic bro. I love the colors that you picked – can I get that on a t-shirt???

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