Nintendo DSi Gets Price and Release Date

According to Nintendo, the DSi will be releasing April 5th for $169.99 and will come in either Blue or Black.

Some features included:

-The camera which lets you take and share pictures with friends as well as use it in games that take advantage of it.

-DSi Sound which lets you record voice and use it with music and games.

-DSi Store – similar to WiiWare you will be able to download games with DSiWare points.

I personally am really looking forward to the DSi and will most likely purchase it on day one. The DSiWare has a lot of potential so I am excited to see how that goes. Anyone else considering picking it up?

Patrick Adams

I am the founder/creator of Everyday Gamers. I am a husband, father, and gamer. You can find me as CrownOfThornz on Xbox Live, PS3, and Twitter.

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