Review: WordsWorth

WordsWorth is a word puzzle game brought to us by 99 Games.

The object of WordsWorth is to link letters together to create words. The longer the word, the more points you receive. Some letters are worth more than others creating an even higher score.

WordsWorth has two modes, one being “Classic” and the other being “Timed.” In the Classic mode you aren’t timed and you can go at your own pace but once a timed letter falls into the mix you must use that letter before the time runs out, if you fail to do so it will end the game. In the Timed mode you must reach a certain amount of points before the timer ends. If you reach that amount of points before the time is up, your time is extended and you move on to the next level. In both of these modes there are “buzzwords” which are shown in the starburst at the bottom of the screen. If you spell the buzzword you will receive even more points.

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To make the game more interesting there are a few different tiles that come in to play. Green tiles are worth more points, Gold tiles are earned by creating words two letters longer than the minimum word size required, Blue tiles are also known as “wild cards” and they can be used as any letter in a word, and lastly there are Auto Shuffle tiles which will shuffle the letters without penalty or without decreasing the shuffle count.

My Thoughts:

I being a fan of word games really enjoyed WordsWorth and still come back to it regularly. It’s easy to pick up and play and highly addictive. WW is very polished and pleasing to the eyes. If you like Scrabble or any other word puzzle games then WW is a must have. WordsWorth is available for a mere $1.99 which means there is no reason not to download this one.


Patrick Adams

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