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I first heard of Edge from all the hype it was getting over the internet. Anytime I would hear anything about it I would go check it out, whether it was via the appstore or iTunes. Admittedly I was not impressed by just looking at the screenshots. Why is this game getting so much hype, I wondered. It didn’t seem like anything that impressive to me. Then I heard a comment from Patrick Klepek at MTV Multiplayer saying that he would choose this game over Fieldrunners for best iPhone game or something along those lines. I then decided I needed to give it a try.

Too many times do I find myself downloading an iPhone game, playing it for a day or two, and then totally forgetting about it. I even had trouble getting into Rolando. Edge is unlike any other iPhone game I have played thus-far. It is that one game that I keep coming back to, it’s levels are short and sweet and it has that addictive gameplay that Echochrome should have had, but didn’t.

edge-1 edge-2 edge-4 edge-5

Edge is a very basic looking game, with some pretty bare colors and a cut and dry look, Edge is not exactly the greatest at first impressions. Do not judge Edge by the way it looks, this cut and dry look fits perfectly with what Edge is all about. I was instantly impressed with the amount of polish Edge has, as soon as you play a level you will understand. It is a pretty basic platformer and the controls are very basic as well, just slide your finger in the direction you want the cube to roll. Edge has 26 levels that you must navigate through by pushing levers and rolling across moving platforms and it will keep you busy for a fairly long time.

Overall I think Edge is a game that can work on any platform and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw it come to XBLA, PSN, PSP, or DS. I do hope that someday it will come to that. Edge was released at the end of December so it is considered an ’08 game. If that’s the case then Edge is my iPhone GOTY hands-down.


Mobigame recently released an update for Edge. Some of the new features include:

-17 New Levels

-5 New Tunes

-Global Ranking

-New Controls

From what I’ve played, the new update really adds a lot to the game. The 17 new levels aren’t just tacked on at the end, they are spread throughout the campaign. I’m also really enjoying the new control option, this option is the one I choose every time. I find these new controls easier and more precise than the other two options. Overall, the new update is great. I didn’t think it was possible to make this game any better but they did so right now I’d say Edge is at about 5.5 stars, if that was possible.

Below is a video of the new control option for Edge:

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