“There is something in the Sea (of Dreams)”

Recently Bioshock developer, Take Two, launched the a teaser site for the it’s sequal subtitled “Sea of dreams.” Somethinginthesea.com lives up to it’s name as a teaser, offering only cryptic details in the fragmented documentation of a kidnapping investigation.

Likely to inspire avid speculation among fans, the documented account of something with a glowing red visage coming out of the sea and abducting a child from a seaside cottage is effectively creepy. The scraps of info are posted to a large map pinpointing the location of the incident somewhere off the Atlantic coast of Ireland. Dates on the map and a scrawn note indicate the events take place in 1967 a full seven years after that of those in the first game, Tentatively disproving rumors that this game would be a prequal.

2K has also launched a viral campaign in conjunction with the site incorporating the “something in the sea” theme with bold posters that direct people to the site. Hopefully this is the beginning of the trickle of info, screenshots and video that will lead up to it’s Q4 release.


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