Home away from Home

It’s nice to know that we can escape the drabness of our real lives with virtual ones. But just what am I supposed to do when my virtual life gets boring as well? Thankfully Sony has answered this important question with XI, the virtual world within the virtual world that is Home. Because a life simulation would not be accurate without it’s own life simulation…This could get confusing.

Disconnecting us even further from reality XI apparently went live today but does not so much act as a doppelganger to Home, instead it functions more like a game, in that, as opposed to the charming but relative pointlessness of Home, it will have some type of goal. It’s hard to say exactly what that goal will be. The Playstation Blog is particularly unhelpful regarding details except to confirm it is indeed an “Alternate Reality Game.”

The concept of a game within the world of Home, (a third reality?) is actually quite intriguing and may be just what Home needs to infuse it with a greater sense of purpose as a digital portal into other forms of entertainment.

The XI game/sim/what-cha-ma-callit, experience is accessed through the main square of Home via spots of grafitti you can view. Again details are vague. We’ll just have to log onto Home to find out more.

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