Trouble with the Pitt

Fallout 3 fans will have to wait just a little longer for the newest DLC expansion. The Pitt, set in the raider capital of Pittsburgh, has already been delayed a month from it’s original February release and has apparently run into another delay, albeit a minor one.

Scheduled to launch today (March 24) it appeared on Live only briefly before it was pulled due to some kind of technical problems. Bethesda has addressed the issue on their forum stating:

“We are continuing to look into the issues people are experiencing with The Pitt for Xbox 360. As of now it looks like the file for the English version on Xbox Live was somehow corrupted. We are currently working with Microsoft to remove the existing file off of Live to prevent any further downloads. Our plan is to replace it with a new file as soon as possible. We hope to have another update for you shortly.”

This as of 11am this morning. According to an update around 10pm, Bethesda hopes to have The Pitt back on Live tomorrow.

Stay tuned for our review coming soon.

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