WaterField’s DS Lite Case

If the video game industry has taught us anything over the past few years it’s that gaming is no longer just for kids. While, this has always been obvious to gamers it seems as if accessory manufacturers have had a difficult time embracing this reality. Case in point: walk into any video game retailer and try to find a case for a DS Lite or PSP without it having a goofy picture of a video game character pasted on it, or worse yet try finding one that will actually protect your $100+ investment. Enter WaterField Designs.

wsb-black sfb-design wsb-plain

WaterField Designs, a bag manufacturer located in San Francisco, has answered the call of adult gamers across the globe, and has developed a case for the Nintendo DS that not only looks good, but provides unrivaled protection. So what exactly do you get with this WaterField Case?

– Ballistic nylon construction
– Double layer genuine leather flap
– Soft scratch free interior lining
– Game compartments with enough room to carry up to six games
– Spare stylus holder
– Accessory pocket with self-locking zipper

All of this in a great looking package that is customizable to your liking. While most gamers will enjoy the stylized front flap that mimics the DS’ face buttons, WaterField has also provided the option of keeping the front flap as a solid black leather design. The pouch is available in black on black, black and kiwi, and black and pink. The demo unit that WaterField provided for us was the black and kiwi with the cut out style front flap. It’s a great unisex look that’s a perfect fit regardless of your gender.

wsb-kiwi wsb-pulling wsb-open-black

Easily the most important part of any carrying case is how well it protects the device that you are carrying. With this case there is no need to worry, because it’s built like a tank! The ballistic nylon outside, and double layer leather flap provides enough protection that you will never have to worry about where you take your DS. The rugged, durable outside makes way to a felt-like interior that proved to provide perfect protection during my hands on time with the case. Never before have I experienced the type of protection that WaterField has provided with this product – in fact I enjoyed this case so much that it actually made me want to take my DS with me more often.

The nice compact design of WF’s case does not compromise it’s functionality. Located on the front is three slots with room for two games each, but during my hands on time I found that more than one game in each compartment made for an uncomfortable fit – at least for me. Located underneath the game slots is a tiny sleeve made specifically for carrying around a spare stylus. On the back side of the case is a small, but nice size pouch that will easily fit a few more games, headphones, microfiber cloth, but not much else.

While some may bulk at the $39 price point, I can say without question that this is money well spent. There really is no downside to this case, but if you’re looking for something a tad bigger you may want to try one of WaterField’s many other gadget bags. If every one of WaterField’s products are built this well the only thing I can say is to go check out their full line of products at sfbags.com. Their wide array of bags has you covered no matter what type of device it is that you’re toting around, and the good news… they’re working on a case for Nintendo’s newest DS iteration The DSi.

Whether you’re looking for a case to carry around your MacBook, or you just need something to protect your DS look no further than WaterField Designs. Style, durability, and design all built into one product that’s ideal no matter your age or gender. So, throw out that old DS case, you know the one with the picture of Mario on the front – this is your perfect solution!


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