Bioshock 2 Gameplay Footage has just released exclusive gameplay footage of Bioshock 2. It shows you following the Big Sister as the prototype Big Daddy into a trap and then defending an adopted Little Sister from Splicers as she harvests Adam.

I loved the original Bioshock, as did many of the other members of the EDG crew. I’m just…a little concerned about the direction this game is headed, and while this footage looks nice, it is not really boosting my confidence. Trust me when I say I hope these concerns are unfounded.

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  1. I'm on the fence about it. I absolutely loved the first but I think the time period of the sequal is creeping up to close to modern day even though it's still in the 60's. Not sure what I make of this footage, although the animation on the big sister is really good and I love the projectile weapon at the end and the fact that plasmids are used simultaneously without swapping between them. As for the story, I hadn't really thought of it before, but is it possible you're still playing as jack I wonder?

  2. I'm really confused about the story. Is it set before or after the first BioShock? I thought I heard it was set after, so how and why do you play as the first Big Daddy? Makes no sense to me.

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  3. Yeah I remember hearing that but where does it say the first big daddy now? maybe that was just a rumor. As far as I know it's after the original (1965) set in '67. I think the plot is that the big sister is trying to resurrect the city. I was thinking you might be playing as jack still since tennenbaum is in communication with the character. overall I'm not blown away by this footage but I'm not completely disappointed either.

  4. It was in the most recent issue of Game Informer. They said you play as \”not just any Big Daddy, but the very first one.\” This is why I am confused.

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