The Grinder

Wii owners may finally have a legitimate reason to have internet access. In an exclusive unveiling IGN premiered an upcoming 4 player co-op monster shooter called The Grinder. With the campy style of it’s poster and over the top, tongue in cheek styling, I’d say it’s going for a Grindhouse-esque vibe and something similar to Left 4 Dead in terms of gameplay.

The game is being developed by High Voltage Software, the studio bringing us the promising looking Conduit, and one of the only design houses that seems truly dedicated to the hardcore Wii audience. With the care and effort it has already demonstrated with the Conduit, High Voltage appears highly committed to Nintendo’s hardware, getting the most out of it and bringing the most to it.

The Grinder looks phenominal. The polygon count on enemies and objects is high and the game is designed to have hordes of them on the screen at one time. The lighting effects look pretty sweet as well. The sophistication of the graphics is made possible by Qauntum3, the proprietary Wii engine High Voltage has pioneered.

The engine, used for the stellar looking Conduit, supports various advanced lighting effects, water and other surface effects in addition, no doubt, to improved physics. This software technology, which was showcased about a year ago is, designed to push the system to it’s limit and is proof of High Voltage’s admirable dedication to both the system and it’s hardcore fanbase.

The game will also allegedly feature swords with Wii motion plus support and an unprecedented level of control customization for an FPS, surpassing even the high standards proposed by the yet unreleased Conduit. In addition, much welcomed multiplayer staples such as voice chat (Wii speak) and leaderboards are all planned to be included.

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