EDGE removed from iTunes?

This is really bad news. Kotaku is reporting that EDGE has been removed from the iTunes App store. Why? Can we say frivolous lawsuit?

Turns out there was this old gaming company called Edge Games owned by Tim Langdell. He claims to have¬†copyrighted the word Edge as far as it’s use in gaming goes. This is not the first time he has forced a company to change it’s name. Remember when Soulcaliber used to be called Soul Edge? Namco was forced to change it for the same reason.

The biggest joke in all of this is Edge Gaming has not released a game since 1994. So just how is an iPhone/iPod Touch game made this year going to be confused with that company?

Now the makers of EDGE are in negotiations to get use of the name back, but my question is why should they need it? Did I judge really rule they needed to change the name? Or did Apple just see someone claiming to have a copyright and remove the game without further evidence?

Either way, all this is doing is depriving gamers of a great game.


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