Red Faction: Guerrilla

I hadn’t heard anything about Red Faction: Guerrilla prior to the release of the demo. I downloaded the demo for fun just to see what it was about. Thank goodness for demos. Red Faction is the sleeper hit of the summer. Red Faction: Guerrilla is just plain fun. A lot of people liked Mercenaries 2 simply for the fact that you could destroy things. Red Faction does this 1,000 times better.

Red Faction: Guerrilla takes place on Mars and your character is Alec Mason a former miner who rebels against the EDF (Earth Defense Force). Basically the EDF are the bad guys along with with Marauders which are the original inhabitants of the planet. RFG is an open-world game similar to Far Cry 2 and the Grand Theft Auto series. You can do what you want when you want. There are different types of missions that you can complete. The first type is the Gorrilla Actions, these are kind of like side quests, they aren’t necessary but they are pretty fun. Most of these missions consist of doing something in a certain amount of time, for example, destroying the building in front of you with only your hammer in under 2 minutes, or use the turret to destroy the windmills in under a minute. Some of the Gorrilla Action missions consist of going to rescue hostages from a building or stealing a truck from EDF territory and bringing it to a safe house. Each GA mission has a reward whether it be to raise the morale of the Red Faction or give you salvage. The currency used in the game is known as salvage. Salvage is picked up from destroying things as well as rewarded for completing missions.

The second of the mission types are the Destruction Targets. Destruction Targets are exactly what the name says, EDF targets that are to be destroyed. These can range from windmills to office buildings to huge EDF bases. These targets are to be destroyed to weaken the EDF’s forces. The last of the mission types is the actual campaign missions. These missions are usually pretty long and consist of doing more than one thing. If you played the demo you saw one of the campaign missions. Infiltrate an EDF base camp and steal a Walker. Take the Walker to the truck and then defend the truck as it escapes. The campaign missions usually have more of a structure. It’s these missions that when completed will get you further in the game. As you complete these missions you also unlock new areas of the map to explore and conquer.

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By completing missions you receive salvage. Salvage is then used to buy upgrades. Some examples of upgrades would be being able to carry more remote charges, or being able to increase the amount of charges you can lay down at one time before detonating them. Other upgrades include better weapons and increasing the amount of damage your armor can withstand. It’s these upgrades that I look forward to most in the game. They change the game up and give you a reason to get more salvage.

There are a few things that instantly stood out about the game for me. One being the fact that the shooting is very accurate and feels great. Another being the vehicles. There is a wide range of vehicles and they are all fun to drive. Some vehicles even have turrets which you can switch to at any moment. Another thing I liked was the fact that they took the narrator from Crackdown, this gave it a great feel. The last thing and also the most important aspect of the game is the fact that everything is totally destructible. Everything. You can go up to a huge tower, destroy the foundation and the whole building will fall down and crumble to pieces. This is at times pretty amazing and this is what makes the game so fun.

Overall Red Faction: Guerrilla is in my opinion a day one purchase if you like open-world games. If you are skeptical, try out the demo, I bet you will enjoy it. I did not play the multiplayer modes at the time this review was written but the single-player campaign alone is enough to merit a day one purchase in my opinion. I plan on putting many more hours into the game so I am happy it was released right in time for the summer months. It looks like all my time is going to be spent on Mars this summer.


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