Another Guitar Hero?

I recently read a posting on how Sony is giving away Guitar Hero: Van Halen for free . Let me explain before I continue. Basically, you buy Guitar Hero 5 and get the Van Halen edition theme for “free”. In all reality though, you still have to pay for something. This is still a good deal considering how many editions of Guitar Hero that are put out each year. Maybe Sony is realizing that people don’t want to have to keep buying every edition separate and just want a great Guitar Hero game. As a consumer, I would rather have them crank out more features and great DlC for one game instead of branching them. At some point, you get tired about hearing news on 50 different SKU’s of one game and it can really turn you off from the franchise. This seems to be a growing trend, even with Rock Band. Why not just extend the life of a game, focus more on songs, not bands, and focus more on the next true step in the franchise. If your going to invest your money in a game, you need initiative features, great DLC support and a fun experience. Not focus on bands and whipping them out every week. At the end of they day, its quality over quantity.


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