Why Video Games Are More Than Just Entertainment

With all these rumors and talks about Video Games becoming movies, it produces a lot of hype and excitement. As a gamer however, I have a different outlook on it.

The Story

I have found that some of the best stories are not found in books or movies, but rather Video Games.  The fact that you are essentially the character, only adds to the story. With games like Fallout 3, the player makes the choices and those choices affect the players outcome individually. With a movie, the outcome is decided for everyone and makes a much less personal experience.

The Experience

Experiencing something and seeing something are two completely different experiences. One of the things I love about Video Games are the way they can immerse the player into another world. Whether it be fighting the Covenant or surviving the wasteland.  There is no denying this can carry you off to an unknown world. One of the main problems with Video Games becoming movies, is the fact you wouldn’t be able to experience it in the same way.

See, when you pick up that controller and begin to play, YOU get to decide what your character does. Who he  (or she) interacts with. You essentially become that character. You can’t do that with a pre-determined movie script.

The Barrier

While movies can be extremely imaginative, that screen would ultimately become a barrier. You couldn’t choose what  would happen. Only watch, and where is the fun in that? You would lose the experience of being the character.

The End Result

Video Games can provide some of the most unique experiences. Experiences that would be lost in the big screen. The fact is, when you are the character, you feel more emotion and immersed. You go on that journey, not watch some actor do it for you. So, I hope that more people will realize it’s not worth losing the experience, the emotions and the journeys that you ultimately embark on.


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