Gamestop Vs. Best Buy: Round 2

I recently wrote about how Best Buy was matching Gamestop’s prices. Well, it seems that Gamestop is paying attention. In that post I said that Gamestop could make their used games prices lower. Well, they did just that. I am not trying to gloat, I am saying that this is exactly what needs to happen. Gamestop is finally starting to realize that they need to change their ways. Now, even though they are cutting their prices, Gamestop still has a few things to change before I go back there. I am actually going sometime this week to personally try out the Kiosk at Best Buy. That brings me to my next point. Gamestop trade-in credits. I had also mentioned in that post, that I felt that Gamestop had ripped me off numerous times and they have. For example, I was going to trade in my 360 to them (WORST mistake ever). So, I called in advance to see how much they might give. They said $100. I figured that was fair since you can get a new one for $250. Well, low and behold they only end up giving me $80. I wish I would have said NO WAY and kept it, but I didn’t. So let me get this straight, they tell you one thing, but do another? That is why people are getting turned off from Gamestop. The problem is, they have really been our only option which is why I am so excited about how Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon and a few others are trying out used games and Kiosks.


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