Another Gaming Mag Finds Its Resting Place

We recently found out about the passing of EGM. Now, we have another casualty. PSW is now no more. So what is up with the decline of Gaming mags? One word. Internet. Think about it, why would read through a mag only reading the three or four articles you care about. Also, with getting it online, take this site for example, the often update daily and on the latest. I know I have found myself not really reading my Game Informers anymore. Could it be because I am the news and I am up on the 411? No it couldn’t be. All kidding aside, it is really sad to see both these magazines go. With things like Twitter, Facebook and E-mail, we can also spread the news a lotĀ faster. The truth is, our lives are moving online. Well at least communication and news. Hopefully, we will still have some magazines stay in the game.


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