Sony Makes All The Right Moves

We are all too familiar with the PS3 slim rumors. We were all waiting to hear that announcement. Then, there it was.  As Kaz Hirai unveiled the PS3 Slim. So today, we say happy birthday to the PS3’s new little brother. I have talked to alot of people who were holding off on getting a PS3 untill there was a price cut. Well, not only will the PS3 slim be sold at retail for 299.99. All PS3 consoles received 100 dollar price cuts! I can now officially say, I will be getting a PS3 sometime in the near future!  I have to say that personally, I was geeking out over Sony’s announcement this morning more than E3. Personally I felt that these rumors were true. Kmart were really the ones who let out the announcement  after having a pre-order ad on their website, which was then taken down. All in all, it was a great day for gamers and for future PS3 owners like myself.

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