Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

A horrid disease strikes the land known as the Blorbs. You have never heard of the Blorbs you say well, beware because its not all fun and games. The land searches for a hero. Who knew the hero would be a pair of brothers.


Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story has an absolutely amazing and certainly unique plot. This kind of story could only make sense in the  the world of the Bros.  The story starts off first introducing you to a condition known as the Blorbs. The Mushroom Kindgom seems to have become plagued with it. You are then sent to Peach Castle where they await a Starite. To their dismay, this is something even a Starite can’t fixed. They need a hero and they need one fast. Who is the hero you ask, a pair of brothers. As in most Mario games, Bowser ends up storming the castle only to be made into a fool by Mario. With a now dismayed and frustrated Bowser, he finds his way to a mysterious person at a stand who says he has won a “Lucky Mushroom”. Next thing you know, Bowser ends up sucking up the citizens, Mario, Luigi, Peach and more!


The graphics are pretty normal for a DS game yet, they seem fresh and vibrant. I kept saying, ” WOW, this looks really good!” and in all honesty, the game looks fantastic.  It just goes to show that you don’t need fancy graphics to make a great game. The bright and vibrant colors seem to make the game pop and bring the characters to life.


They could have very easily screwed up the game controls to feel very cramped and unnatural however, they delivered dead on when it comes to control. Throughout the game, you switch between playing as Bowser to Mario and Luigi. When playing as Bowser, you will typically use x,y buttons. When you play as the Bros., you use the “A” button for Mario and ‘B” for Luigi and somehow, it seems to translate extremely well on the DS. Playing as the characters is just as exceptional. Getting to switch from Bowser to the Bros., I never seemed to get bored of the gameplay. My next aspect is the RPG elements, after all, this is an RPG. I found the combat system to be extremely refreshing and easy to use. It was a very pleasant experience switching to special attacks, selecting normal attacks, equipping items etc.  Leveling up is an overall very satisfying experience, especially when you even get to upgrade the Bros.’s stashes. The combat system while usually composed of one to two buttons, still requires skill and timing.


This was the first Mario and Luigi RPG I had ever played and I have to admit, I had no idea how good of a game it would be. I was not let down. From the fun and quarky story to getting to play as Bowser when he’s 7 stories tall yet, the story ties up all together at the end. I found myself just wanting to play more and more. Whether it be trudging through the inside of Bowser in search of the Princess herself or battling as Bowser himself, I couldn’t get enough of it This is one of the best Mario games I have played in awhile. The controls translated well, the vibrant colors made the graphics pop off the screen and an unique and inventive story line. Which is why I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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