Labyrinth 2 (iPhone)

I have to admit I’ve been kind of slacking in the iPhone gaming department. I’ve been so annoyed by how many un-stellar games there are out there that I’ve given up on trying to find a game worth playing. Most of the top 25 games are just stupid gimmick games. So believe me when I say I was very excited to see that Labyrinth 2 was a game actually worth playing. One of the first games I ever remember playing on my iPhone was Labyrinth. I thought the concept fit perfectly on the accelerometer based device. Now the sequel has been released and it’s everything I would want in a Labyrinth game.

In L2 you have more obstacles to overcome, not just wooden mazes anymore, L2 is packed full of magnets, fans, lasers, ball-duplicators, cannons, and much more. It makes sense though doesn’t it? You’re playing the game on an electronic device so why not create things that you wouldn’t normally see on a Labyrinth table. This is why L2 is so much fun, the gameplay is really unique and never feels boring. With all the new factors at play you never know what to expect in this game.

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Besides being a lot of fun L2 is packed with a lot of features. There is single player mode where you go through each level trying to get the fastest completion time. There is even a ghost ball that you can turn on and off so you can see how you achieved your current best time. There are 21 level packs included in the game each with an average of 10 levels. You also have the ability to create your own levels and share them with everyone. This in turn means you can download any packs that are available in the Labyrinth 2 “store” for FREE. All of these levels are user created so the replay value of this game is very high. The L2 store is similar to the App Store in that it’s broken up into “What’s Hot”, “Random”, “Top 25”, and “Newcomers.”

The other mode available in L2 is the multiplayer mode. I haven’t had time to test it out yet but it is possible to play against your friends via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. I’m guessing you choose a level and both compete to get the best time. I think this sounds like a lot of fun and I plan on trying this out with my wife very soon.

Lastly, like a lot of games, L2 has included more incentive to play the game by adding “Awards” that you can strive to achieve. For example you can be given an award by completing “50 levels without falling into a hole.” It even tells you the percentage of completion for each award.

Little thing like this make Labyrinth 2 very polished and very fun. I highly recommend this game to anyone and strongly believe it is worth the $4.99 that it is listed at. I hope more developers will start producing titles that are actually worth playing for more than 1 hour. Let L2 be an example that it is possible.

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Check out the gameplay video I made of L2 below:

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