Rogue Warrior

I want to be very honest with this review of Rogue Warrior. I played about an hour of it and decided that it was not worth my time to continue. With all the triple A titles that have recently been released I am surprised that Rogue Warrior even made it to stores let alone with a $60 price tag. Games like Rogue Warrior make me wonder if the people who developed the game really even support it. How could you? Are they blindly thinking they are creating something worth playing or are they just doing it for a quick buck? I may never know.

Bottom line, Rogue Warrior is not worth the purchase and probably won’t ever be, even if you can get it for $10 used. The controls are janky, the campaign is very short (from what I read, only 2 hours), the F-word is constantly used and the multiplayer is not even worth touching.

I really respect Bethesda and hope that they will continue to publish great games but I have no idea what they were thinking taking on Rogue Warrior.

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Patrick Adams

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