Guerrilla Bob (iPhone)

Ever since the release of iDracula and Minigore I’ve been craving a dual-stick shooter that has a “get from Point A to Point B” style of gameplay. Both of these games are great but they are about survival only, similar to geometry wars you have a set area that you must stay and defend yourself in for as long as you can. I wanted something that let me go through a “level” if you will.

Guerrilla Bob is the game I’ve been waiting for. It’s a dual-stick shooter in where you are to get from Point A to Point B while shooting enemies along the way. You’ll even encounter a boss or two along the way. The great thing about dual-stick shooters is the fact that you don’t normally have to worry about ammo, this is the case in Guerrilla as well. Once you pick up a weapon it stays a part of your arsenal the rest of the way through the game.  There are 8 levels total. Once you complete a level you are given an A, B, C score based on how well you did.

While GB is exactly what I’ve wanted in an iPhone game I still have some complaints. First of all, it takes some time to get used to the controls. When I first jumped into the game I was a little put off by how sensitive the controls were. This made the game a little harder because the automatic rifle fires at such a slow rate (but improves a little once upgraded). My other complaint if the fact that the setting never really changes all that much. It’s basically just desert the whole time. I like when games switch up the environments.

Other than those minor complaints Guerrilla Bob is an awesome game. It’s the kind of game I’ve been wanting ever since games arrived on the iPhone. I hope to see regular updates to GB because this is a game I can see myself following closely. Guerrilla Bob is currently $2.99.

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Patrick Adams

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