PixelJunk Shooter

I have to admit, I am a faithful supporter of the PixelJunk series. I’ve been a fan of the games ever since Racers so I’m always excited to see whatever game is going to be next in the series. I had been following PixelJunk Shooter ever since the naming competition a while back and was especially excited about the art direction of the game.

PixelJunk Shooter is a game in where you control a spaceship that flies underground in caves trying to rescue workers and collect gems. Along the way you are faced with the elements of water, lava, ice, flammable steam, and magnetic matter. The elements are used in unique ways throughout the game making you think before just going in guns blazing. The workers can die really easily so you have to do some planning first. To switch up the gameplay you are also presented with suits that change the way your ship acts. For example you can obtain a suit that shoots water or lava instead of your regular missiles.

The third world

Your default weapons are regular missiles which you can fire non-stop or homing missiles which are more powerful but heat up your ship. Your ship can get overheated by getting shot by enemies, getting too close to lava, or shooting homing missiles for too long. Your ship will cool down eventually but if fly through water you will cool down instantly.

PixelJunk Shooter is a great game for the series. My only complaint is that it’s too short and a little too easy in the first two worlds. It’s not until you get to the third world that it starts to get challenging. This is what I want more of. As with all the PixelJunk games there should be an “Encore” pack released eventually that will have more levels. I am looking forward to that because I haven’t had my PJ Shooter fill yet. I want more!

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