Battlefield Bad Company 2

The Battlefield franchises has always defined tactical warfare combat on the PC and has now managed to take more then a slice of the pie on the consoles. Bad Company 2 follows up the popular first game in the franchise with lots of changes and improvements that help it stand above others first person shooters. Dice has thrown down the gauntlet at the feet of other shooters that would stand opposed to it with the latest in the Bad Company series and doesn’t pull any punches. The game offers an extremely deep and tactical online multiplayer as well as a respectable single player. The game boasts unmatched ingame destructibility which really helps shape the battlefield in a different way every round, promising to keep throwing curve balls at you just when you think you have a strategy. So does Battlefield Bad Company 2 blow away the competition, or is it firing blanks?

Reshaping the Battlefield


One of the best and most talked about features of the first Bad Company game was the environmental destructibility. Blow buildings apart to their frames exposing enemies within and create new entrances to assault a position. This destructibility has been taken to the next level in Bad Company 2, including the new ability to completely level houses, with people still inside. Taking the door is now truly for the sucker. You might think this is nothing more then a gimmick, but it really does make each multiplayer match a little different from one another. If their is one complaints I can level against the Modern Warfare franchise, it’s the predictability of its multiplayer.  Days after release the Modern Warfare maps have been completely picked clean for hiding spots and tactics. You are funneled down the same pipes, game after game. It’s an everyman for himself gun fight, unlike Battlefield Bad Company 2. Discovering and creating your own personalized paths to your objectives is half the fun. Taking cover in a house no longer provides you will infinite cover. You aren’t safe anywhere as walls and trees are blown away by many different kinds of explosions and ammunition. Get in a vehicle and squeeze the trigger to maximize destruction and chaos. Almost everything in Bad Company 2 can be reduced to a heaping pile of ruble, so walk with care.

Single Player

Bad Company 2 does feature an average length single player experience which doesn’t exactly blow the genre away, but it does its job nicely. The boys of Bad Company are back and this time in a much more respectable position. Asked to handle situations of the highest importance, these soldiers are no longer the rag tag pack of thieves you once knew. The game parades you to different locals all over the world, and does a fairly good job of spicing up the games pacing. Vehicle segments, flashbacks and weather related challenges are just a few ways the game keeps you on your toes. The original games insane health “needles” have been ditched in favor of the much more appropriate regeneration system. It won’t blow your doors off, but it’s a fairly enjoyable campaign that lasts an appropriate length. If you don’t have access to the online mutliplayer, this single player does not do enough to warrant a purchase.

Still King

Online or bust.

Multiplayer is where Bad Company 2 really shines. Just like the other games in the franchise, tactical online multiplayer makes this game important among so many other similar games. This game really requires you to work as a team to win. Joining a squad is not just a suggestion. It will help you organize your efforts as a team and also help you personally progress to unlock more weapons and equipment. The multiplayer is once again broken up into classes, each with their own perks and weapons. Healing teammates is the job of the medic, while the job of repairing tanks goes to the engineer. You can also choose to be a grunt solider or stealthy sniper. A mix of all the classes is the mark of a prepared squad. Like previous Battlefield games, kills and objective points will increase your rank and unlock better weapons among other things. The game is generous with giving out points for pretty much any style of playing. Killstreaks, defensive actions and accuracy are just some examples of rewarding behavior. We have a lot to do, so get out there solider!

Bad Company 2 also features new game modes and some old returning classics. “Squad Rush” being one of the best additions and “Conquest” keeps fans of the old capture and defend Battlefield style happy. Battlefield is still the king of online mutliplayer. The vehicles and weapons just have that extra level of polish and balance that set this series apart. Teamwork is always encouraged and rewarded. The destruction and chaos form a perfect storm of fun that will keep people coming back for more. It truly does embarrass the competition in terms of scale and creativity. Long drawn out sniper fights, epic tank battles or close quarter combat sequences are all parts of one huge battle. The maps are not only large, but well designed and creative. It’s a real shining star in a genre so bogged down with average multiplayers. Unfortunately the losing side of a multiplayer match is treated to a loud air horn blast every 3 seconds for the final minute of the game, but it’s a small gripe. Bad Company 2 demonstrates how great first person shooting multiplayer can be.

Closing Thoughts

You can’t deny the impact the Battlefield games have had on the first person shooting genre, just like you can’t deny the brilliance that is Bad Company 2. Their is something here for everyone. Unfortunately the PC version was bogged down with technical issues at launch, but stick with it. Most games have their hitches, and this game isn’t one any first person shooter worth his salt should skip over.

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