God Of War 3

Vengeance is pretty much the only thing on Kratos mind. You can probably guess what he is going to do to the Greek gods he holds accountable for the death of his wife and child. It’s going to involve a lot of shouting and gratuitous amounts of blood. You always know where he stands. You’re knocking off legendary Greek gods like it’s going out of style. Have no misconceptions, God of War 3 is exactly what you expect. It’s God of War fun with the visuals on steroids. This is 3rd person gaming action at its finest.


Not much has changed in a mechanical sense for the third addition in the God of War series. You’re going to be swinging your chain swords (?) at enemies big and small and dusting off the big boys with fantastic finishing moves preformed in quick time format. Sometimes you’re fighting appropriately sized opposition and other times you’re fighting a semiconscious sky scraper. Expect to be opening chests and enjoying goodies inside as well as collecting red orbs of fallen foes for upgrades, and blue for magic. You still upgrade your weapons and moves in the same old way to more effectively deal out massacres, but why fix what ain’t broke? The sense of scale is still stunning. There you are thinking the camera work does a great job of showing off the set pieces, then you realize you can control Kratos while this is all happening. I was fooled more then once into thinking I was watching a cut scene. The game features awesome sets, gorgeous environments and a interesting story that has been built up in the previous two games.

Things are about to get bloody

As well as being able to decimate the god population, Kratos can solve a puzzle like no buddies business. The game divides your time between murder and puzzle solving, which can be a nice break from the carnage. It’s sort of like a Prince of Persia style to puzzles, only not as fun or satisfying. You’re going to be turning cranks and raising water levels but it all feels like it’s going through the motions. It’s by no means bad, but compared to the action segments of the game, the puzzles eventually feel like playtime extending add ons. The game also throws some different gameplay mechanics at you throughout the game. You will get to enjoy mini-games similar to Guitar Hero and Tekken. It’s a nice kick in the pants when you think you’ve figured out the best strategy for every situation. You can also choose your own style by picking one of the 4 main weapons that best suit your own play style. I was a cestus man, pummeling my foes with gigantic steel boxing gloves.

I actually enjoyed the story.

I didn’t think I would, but they got me. I’m a sucker for Greek mythology. Maybe I’ve seen Disney’s Hercules one too many times, but I was all ears through out the length of the game. And what’s better then seeing creative interpretations of all the legendary Greek gods? How about knocking them off one by one? If you don’t think that’s awesome, then this game isn’t for you. It isn’t going to rewrite how people approach story telling in this medium, but it’s more then good enough. Something about this fantastic take on Greek mythology grabbed me. I was interesting in meeting all the famous Gods and eventually dealing out my raging vengeance upon their heads. The gangs all here, but they won’t be here for much longer thanks to Kratos.

God of violence


If being violent was God of War 3’s profession, I would suspect it was on performance enhancing drugs. The intestines will spill, heads will be ripped from their shoulders and there will be blood…oh yes, there will be blood. Throw some nudity in there and a cheesy sex mini-game and you’ve got one game you wouldn’t want your family watching you play. That M on the cover stands for mature, no fooling. You are literally using Helios severed head as a lantern throughout the game. On multiple occasions the screen is covered in a victims blood. This is probably the most outright violent game I have ever played to completion.

If you’re not too squeamish or a fan of the the genre, you’re not going to be dissapointed by God of War 3. But please, put the kids to bed before you turn this one on.

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