Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake

Fat Princess was a silent hit on the PS3.  It took a “cutesy” art-style and it added some blood and it became a slightly mature multiplayer title. Fat Princess was a PSN title priced at $15.00. I was pretty excited for Fat Princess as it had a really cool multiplayer aspect that we’ve never seen before. The main mode is to capture the princess, this is a lot like capture the flag but there is a twist. The twist is that you can feed the princess cake to make her fat, thus making her harder to move. The more people helping you carry her, the easier it is. Fat Princess also came with modes such as team deathmatch, invasion, and a few others. It was a great PSN title, but it was plagued by many online lag issues. I remember playing for 2 hours at a time and only being able to get a few games in. It was a nightmare and it turned a lot of people off of the game. Fixes were promised but they took too long to issue and most of the people were already on to the next game by the time they came around.

He makes it look easy.

Now Fat Princess is on the PSP via UMD and/or download. It’s priced at $20.00 and includes a bunch of new features. In my opinion Fat Princess is a perfect fit for the PSP. The simplistic art style and the online multiplayer make it a great game to lay around in the house and play. The art style is slightly dumbed down from the PS3 version but you really can’t even tell. It looks great. As I mentioned before, Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake comes with a handful of new features including 6 new maps, 4 new multiplayer modes, an Ad-Hoc mode which let’s you do 4 vs. 4 locally and an extended single player campaign.

As in the PSN version, the game has 5 character classes which are the mage, warrior, worker, ranger, and priest. These classes each have their own set of weapons and abilities. For example the worker will go out and chop down trees and mine rocks to help upgrade all of the classes. This is what I love about Fat Princess, the teamwork aspect, and when it all works as it should it’s an amazingly fun game.

Red vs. Blue

This is the main problem, it rarely ever works perfectly. In my time spent with Fistful of Cake I could barely get any games going. Anytime I would search for a specific mode I would always get a return message telling me that no games were found and that I should change modes or search again. I did a search for any mode and was connected to a game but it only had about 10 players total when it can hold at least double that. I had to wonder if there was anyone out there playing the game. Maybe I was checking at the wrong times. I’m not sure, but it was frustrating. If I could get more games going then I’m sure I would have had a lot of great things to say about Fistful of Cake but if I can’t even connect to the mode I want to play how am I supposed to write anything more about it?

Fat Princess is a great concept, one that is a whole lot of fun when things are working correctly. It’s a shame that Fistful of Cake isn’t catching on because I was really in the mood to save some princesses.

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