Daily Bits for 5/18/10

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Premium PSN Service Rumored to be Announced At E3

It has been said in a previous statement by Sony’s Kaz Hirai that they have been looking into adding a premium subscription service, adding additional content but still keeping the free services of the PSN.

Sony may also offer “two to four” free PSN titles each month to premium subscribers which could cost a whopping $73.00 per year. Some additional features are said to include the long awaited cross-game chat and a music streaming service which lets you play in the background while playing your games.

Again this is all just rumors and speculation so we will just have to see what Sony has to say about the matter at E3 2010 which kicks off June 15th.  Be sure to keep an eye on Everyday Gamers as we will have some great news regarding E3 this year.


Alan Wake Trailer Builds Up the Hype One Last Time

If you are STILL on the fence about Alan Wake Remedy has put together one last trailer that shows what you can expect playing as the confused writer.  The floating review scores really shows the love this game is getting.  I plan on taking a trip to Bright Falls later tonight.

Alan Wake hits stores today exclusively on the 360…As if you already didn’t know that.


Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Delayed to Early 2011

Ubisoft announced today that there futuristic shooter will have a short delay and now could come out between January and March 31st.  Chances are they didn’t want to go against Call Of Duty: Black Ops and Medal of Honor.

Ubisoft will be revealing much more on Ghost Recon: Future Solider at E3 next month.

It already looks like Q1 of 2011 is going to be a busy first couple of months.


PixelJunk Shooter 2 Coming to a PSN Store Near You

Many people fell in love with PixelJunk Shooter and its no surprise that we would see a sequel in the near future.  In the July issue of Official Playstation Magazine it shows some of the new tweaks they’ve added to the game including a new lighting mechanic.

If you haven’t yet tried PixelJunk Shooter, there will be a demo releasing on the PSN on May 25th.


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