Weekly Byte for 5/24/2010

Release List

Tuesday, 5/25

  • Blur – Racing, $39.99

News Bytes

  • Our fishbowl spies broke the news last week, and we can confirm it this week – Fable III is indeed being told on the PC platform this year! Hold your jubilation, the details are somewhat confusing.  Apparently, PC players will only have to pony up $49.99 for the game BUT that is because the Exclusive Edition will not be available on PC.  However, it seems that the exclusive level and in-game items will be accessible on the PC-the question is how much will we pay?  The 360 Limited Edition will retail for $79.99 and will include an exclusive quest, region, dog breed and outfit-as well as a Fable themed deck of cards and Guild Seal Coin.  Which means that, even if, all that DLC retails for $29.99 or less, we may still be getting hosed.  One can only hope this will be automatically be included in PC copies, but none of those details have been leaked.  That, couple with the “episodic storytelling” promised for Fable III has this PC gamer very skeptical that this will be Microsoft’s holy return to the platform, but we will see when E3 tells all.
  • Enjoying your Mass Effect 2 DLC? Yeah, me either, but brace for impact, commander, much more is on the way!  Apparently Bioware representatives have said that the gap between Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 will unfold over DLC packs.  Now, we’ve already heard the announcements that no new party members will be forthcoming, but it’s curious to see how well this will play out.  Certainly, no ME3 details have been released, but it will be interesting to see just how much of the stage gets set for Commander Sheppard’s third iteration.  I would love to see Dragon Age style full expansion to attack this story gap with, but an episodic approach might not be bad if it beaks the trend of short, throwaway DLC packs.  Eiter way, watch the stars for more news!
  • I feel the need, the need for speed! No, that doesn’t mean another Need For Speed game on the horizon, I’m sure when EA figures out how to charge $10 per multiplayer track, we’ll see that.  Instead, the PSN Top Gun title will buzz our PC towers, with or without clearance.  The single player campaign will be written by the film’s screenwriter, Jack Epps Jr, and will expand upon the movie’s content.  Also available, will be 16 player multiplayer across 5 different game modes.  Hitting this summer, we can’t wait to take to the skies!  Will it be possible to save Goose?
  • Google Chrome selling games? Apparently, the Chrome App store has been confirmed to start carrying browser based games.  Bejeweled 2, Lego Star Wars, FIFA and Plants VS Zombies were among the games revealed, but more have been promised.  I’m still trying to figure out if this is an attempt to emulate the Iphone App Store or move in on Gaikai/OnLive territory.  Either way, we will have the details here when they download!

Geared Up

Once again, the ‘Geared Up’ faeries have sold me short, I regret that I have no entries for this week.  However, I would like to take the time to share a link to MonoPrice.  If you need network cables, HDMI cables, LCD Wall Mounts or anything for your Home Theater, I have not found prices cheaper than here.  Sure, gaming gear is great, but useless without the right equipment to set it up!  Also, I would love to hear from our readers, send your interesting gaming gear entries to “chris@everydaygamers.com”.  Thanks!

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