E3 2010: Microsoft Rumors Abound

So, Microsoft rumors and leaks are flying all over the place, and we have not even started.

First comes an add form an add house used by Microsoft that seemingly detailed a new 360. The new rig is supposed to contain a 250 Gig HD and a built in Wi-Fi addapter, but the design does not exactly fit the concept of the “360 Slim” that has been rumored. The add has been pulled, but Joystiq has a video of it here.

Then comes an article from USA Today detailing the name change of Project Natal: Kinect. The article also detailed some of the games that will be a part of the Kinect lineup:

  • Kinectimals features over 20 different virtual pets, including lions, tigers, and cheetahs, to play with or raise.
  • Joyride has returned to life as a controller-free racing game, apparently.
  • Kinect Sports will offer sport games to play: “boxing, bowling, beach volleyball, track and field, soccer and table tennis.” For each one, you will make motions to play the games.
  • Kinect Adventures has a river raft and obstacle course to navigate — this is likely the demo we saw last week.
  • MTV Games will release Dance Central, where you can cut a virtual rug.
  • And there will be more games announced later featuring both Disney characters and Star Wars characters, in conjunction with Disney and LucasArts, respectively.

That article has been pulled from USA Today’s site, but you can image it will not be gone for long with the Natal Showcase from Microsoft scheduled for tonight.

So what does all of this mean? Not sure, but I can say one thing: I cannot wait for Micrsoft’s Press Conference tomorrow.

Kinetic story on Joystiq

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