Daily Bits For 6/22/10

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DLC Galore:

Today is the day for DLC. Red Dead Redemption’s free “Outlaws to the End” is out on both Live and PSN, Just Cause has added its own free take on the Tuk Tuk, and PSN players get both Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s “Onslaught” and MAG’s “Interdiction” (the 360 version of “Onslaught has” been delayed).

Old 360s selling at discount prices

With the release of the new Xbox 360, many retailers have started discounting their older units. Amazon and Best Buy have both lowered the price of their Arcade units to $150 and their Elites to $250, so if you are thinking of getting a system, you may want to consider buying one of these.

Personally, I would hold out a bit longer. Microsoft has confirmed they will be announcing a $199 model of the new system, and if that one has a built in hard drive, you can expect these prices to drop even further.


Prince of Persia is highest grossing video game movie of all time

While Prince of Persia has received a lukewarm reception in the US, only pulling in $80 in domestic ticket sales, the movie has been extremely well received elsewhere. Worldwide earnings of $293 million have helped the movie edge out the original Tomb Raider, which earned $274 million.

As someone who has seen both films, I am glad to see Prince of Persia topple Tomb Raider. It is a much better film.


New 360 shuts down before RROD

So we have all heard the new 360 is Red Ring of Death proof. How can Microsoft promise this? Apparently, the new 360 will shut itself off if the ventilation is blocked enough that it could overheat. This kind of shut off makes sense for a system that has had serious heat problems. The question is will this become a more serious issue as games continue to push the console.


Live finally has a family plan

If you have a family all playing games on Xbox Live, that can get quite expensive. Microsoft is finally doing something about this. Starting in November, families will be able to purchase a 4 player Xbox Live Family Plan for $99. Not only is this half the price of 4 individual live subscriptions, but it includes a family center where parents can limit what games their kids are allowed to take online.


Kinect Rumors abound

In a day full of 360 news, the Microsoft store is now listing Kinect at $150. While many other retail sites have done the same, the fact this is on the MS site may mean it will be the final price for the device. Microsoft has stated over Twitter that the price has not been announced yet, so it is still possible this will not stand, but with a source within Microsoft allegedly listing the cost of the motion camera at $150, this is looking like a distinct possibility.

I hope this is not the final price. If it is, I will not be buying it.


Thought Jellyvision was done? You Don’t Know Jack

It appears rumors of the death of Jellyvision’s popular trivia title may have been exaggerated. The company is working with THQ to bring You Don’t Know Jack to new light. While it is unknown whether this will be a re-release of the older titles in downloadable form or a brand new game, it is good news for those of us who have grown up with this king of all trivia games.

So now all those pretenders can get out of the way and let the true champion return.


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