The Weekly Byte for 6/21/2010

Hey all!  E3 is over, and all of the goodies are out there.  As usual, the PC has a dismal appearance-worst was no news on the Games for Windows LIVE initiative.  Fallout New Vegas and other games have said they will not use the service, and with all of the leaps and bounds in XBOX LIVE, we hear nothing and see no innovation for it’s PC service, which should easily rival it’s console counterpart.  I won’t rehash all of the E3 news, but there are a couple stories I wanted to mention and some gear to share, so let’s boot up!

New Releases

Tuesday 6/22 – Transformers : War for Cybertron $39.99

News Bytes

More details have leaked about Telltale’s adaptations of the Jurassic Park and Back To The Future franchises. Naysayers have been skeptical since the announcement of Jurassic Park being added to the Telltale lineup, but recent interviews assure that the company is looking to steer away from a Sam & Max style humorous approach.  Telltale says they will do neither an action oriented game or solely an adventure based one, but rather blend elements of the two for a cinematic experience.  They understand that the characters will not be able to go toe to toe with many of the dinosaurs, but do not want to lose the edge-of-your-seat adrenaline rush and tension the movies conveyed.  Given some of the differences of the franchises they currently produce, I would say it’s a safe bet these will be great games-for both new IP’s.  Moreover, they may be the first series from Telltale that I subscribe to, since, as of yet, I have not taken the plunge.

Speaking of revisiting franchises, who would like to see You Don’t Know Jack! return? If you said yes, your prayers are answered.  You Don’t Know Jack! was an awesome PC trivia series from a while back, and show host Cookie announced that Jellyvision and THQ are bringing the game back, finally!  Cookie made the announcement on the Bombcast, E3 2010 Episode 2 intro.  Unfortunately, no further details were leaked and there is no news if consoles will see the game, but just the announcement of it’s return—with Cookie intact, makes me a happy man.

Last, but not least, we have confirmation of a PC port of Hydrophobia. The game, being released with an exclusive window, on XBOX LIVE, has been confirmed by Dark Energy Digital, the game’s developer.  Exactly how much later the port will flow onto PSN and PC, we do not know, but I will be happy with the confirmation, for now.  Hydrophobia is attempting to rain down on XBL by the end of the summer.

Geared Up

Any fans of the site, and the two people who read ‘The Weekly Byte’, will know that I am anxiously awaiting the release of Starcraft II, this July.  Razer, makers of elite gaming gear, have chosen E3 to show off there new, Starcraft II optimized peripherals.  They are releasing the Spectre SCII mouse, the Marauder SCII keyboard and the Basnhee SCII headset.  All three are optimized with a new, programmable, APM lighting system, that provides in game feedback to any of the three peripherals.  APM stands for actions per minute.  Razer tells us that novice gamers produce 40-60 APM, while the pros level off at between 100-150.  Each peripheral features LED’s that the user can customize to not only provide APM feedback, but also customize to flash different colors to correspond to in-game events, such as a base under attack or a unit/structure production being complete.  How you will differentiate between APM feedback and in-game event feedback is not totally clear, but it sounds like an interesting idea.  Also unclear is whether or not this feature will be backwards compatible with other games, or compatible with future games not within the Starcraft franchise.  Gimmick or not, Razer is known for their solid peripherals, and all three of these seem to be well priced for anyone needing a peripheral upgrade, even if the APM system will go largely unused.

This is the Razer Spectre. It's a 5600 DPI, ultrapolling, 5-button mouse, with the above-mentioned APM technology. It also features button force customization, to allow adjustment for harder/softer click response and a gold plated, 7 foot braided USB cable. The Spectre retails for $79.99.

Here is the Razer Marauder, featuring a similar aesthetic to the Spectre, also with the new APM technology. It also features on the fly macro recording, featuring up to ten profiles, and optimized, elevated keys for more ease of use when focused on the incoming Zerg rush. The Marauder retails for $119.99.

Here's the Banshee headset, also featuring the sleek design and APM technology. It also has a detachable boom mic, soft and comfy circumaurul earcups and 7 foot braided USB cable.

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