Daily Bits For 6/24/10

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First 360, now PS3? Hulu Rumors abound

On the heels of rumors that Hulu is negotiating a subscription service with Microsoft to appear on the 360, Bloomberg reports Sony may be in the midst of negotiating a similar deal for the PS3. So what does this mean? Hopefully Hulu will come to at least one of the two consoles, and if we are lucky, maybe both.


Activision is not Moved to Kinect

With Microsoft and Sony practically falling all over themselves to show off their new motion controllers at E3, one major publisher was noticeably absent on the Move/Kinect love: Activision. Granted, the publisher has a very minor presence at E3 in general, but there was not even a hint of motion controlled action for Call of Duty or any of their other franchises. The reason? Turns out Activision is not overly thrilled with the price/potential price of the devices and worries it could affect the install base.

So is this a case of the big evil developing a consience or just looking out for their own interests? We’ll leave it to you to decide.


Dance Central may be dancing onto another platform

Remember Dance Central, the revolutionary dance game coming to the 360 and Kinect? According to Harmonix’s Alex Rigopulos, it may not be exclusive to the Xbox. Sounds like PS3 owners may get to get their groove on with the Move.

While this may be good news for those who want to play and do not own 360s, having seen the game live at E3, I cannot see it being nearly as good without the fully body motion sensing of Kinect.


Steam wants to protect you from Sharks by offering Great Big Sales

We all love a good Steam sale. Well, get ready to go crazy. Steam’s “Perils of Summer” sale started today and runs through July 4th. New games will be on sale each day, so check back in to catch the incredible deals.

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