Daily Bits For 7/8/10

In today’s Daily Bits, Vanquish gets a release date, Borderlands may be getting a GOTY and Red Dead Redemption getting Zombies?

Vanquish hits stores October 19th

Sega’s Vanquish has been exciting a lot of gamers, and now those looking forward tot he game know when they will be able to get their hands on it. Sega announced today that the high octane cover based shooter will be coming out on October 19th in North America. Those who choose to pre-order the game from GameStop will gain access to some in game special weapons, but is that really worth supporting the evil empire?


Borderlands to get Game of the Year Edition?

Speaking of the gaming retail conglomerate, a recent listing on GameStop’s website for a Borderlands Game of the Year Edition Strategy Guide seems to be pointing to an eventual GOTY release of the popular Gearbox shooter/RPG. This edition of the game would more than likely contain all the downloadable content to date: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot and The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. The strategy guide has a release date of September 9th.

While this may be good news for those who have not picked up the game, those of us who have are starting to wonder about Gearbox’s promise to keep supporting the game with DLC. Nothing has surfaced since we battled Knoxx, and I for one would love the chance to jump back onto Pandora.


More Dragons that you can fit in a single Age

Bioware officially announced Dragon Age II today, and from what we know about the game so far, it will be quite a departure from the original. Players will take on the role of Hawke, a legendary warrior who survived the blight and mysteriously rose to power, getting to fill in the details of just how he or she accomplished that. That’s right; the full extent of your choice of origins for you character in the sequel will be whether it is male or female.

So I am looking forward to this, but not overly so. After playing Mass Effect 2, my time researching Bioware games is being tied up elsewhere.


Et tu, Red Dead?

So someone somewhere must have decided all games could do with a little bit of Zombie in them, even Red Dead Redemption. That’s right; Rockstar has announced 4 new DLC packs which will be releasing for the game, including Undead Nightmare, a single player campaign that will let you take on the overly used horror creatures. Here are the details on the DLC:

Legends and Killers — August 2010 (800 MS Points / $9.99)

  • Nine new multiplayer map locations
  • Eight new multiplayer characters, including some from Red Dead Revolver
  • New projectile weapon, The Tomahawk, with corresponding multiplayer and single-player challenges
  • New Achievements and Trophies

Liars and Cheats — Launch date TBD (800 MS Points / $9.99)

  • Attack and Defend multiplayer competitive mode and challenges
  • New multiplayer horse races, with mounted combat
  • Play as “the heroes and villains” of Red Dead Redemption, as well as eight new multiplayer characters
  • Multiplayer versions of Liar’s Dice and Poker from the single-player game
  • New weapon, The Explosive Rifle, with corresponding multiplayer and single-player challenges
  • New Achievements and Trophies

Free Roam — Launch date TBD (Price TBD)

  • Additional Free Roam challenges
  • New action areas and defensive placements
  • Posse scoring and leaderboards
  • New anti-griefing measures in Free Roam

Undead Nightmare — Launch date TBD (800 MS Points / $9.99)

  • New single-player adventure, challenges and quests
  • Eight new multiplayer zombie characters
  • Additional animals to hunt
  • New dynamic events “and more”

So there you have it. More zombies. Is anyone else getting tired of this already?



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