Daily Bits For 7/13/10

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Modnation Racers Gets Even More “Casual”

Do you love those cute little racers you go up against in Modnation Racers? but hate them because you just can’t seem to beat them in a race? Well your in luck because today SCEA San Diego community manager Ramone Russell announced that United Front Games is almost finished with putting out a casual difficulty for the single player campaign.

No mention has been made on a specific time frame when to expect the new difficulty, but we imagine it will be coming very soon.


Walmart Prices Kinect Bundle At $199.99

As we get even closer to an official Kinect pricing from Microsoft, Walmart has now started taking pre-orders for a limited time bundle.  The bundle includes the Kinect unit, a $30 online only walmart gift card, and one Kinect launch game of the buyers choice.

Again, no official word on pricing has been announced from Microsoft yet, so we will just have to wait until we hear it from the big boys.


Kane & Lynch 2 Gets Bumped Up A Week

Kane & Lynch 2 will see a new release date of August 17th instead of it’s original August 24th release.  Why you may ask? probably so they do not have to compete with Mafia II which releases on the 24th as well.  But the official word comes from IO Interactive general manager Niels Jorgensen.

The team has worked hard to deliver a game that’s different from the current trend of third-person shooters and we’re so pleased to be able to share it with the world ahead of schedule. With development now complete, why keep people waiting any longer? We want to let gamers experience the game we’ve created and get them online betraying their friends in Fragile Alliance, so we have decided to bring the release date forward by one week.

It’s never a bad thing when you get to play a game you’ve been looking forward to even earlier than expected.  Let the backstabbing begin!


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