Daily Bits For 7/14/10

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Medal Of Honor Limited Edition Extras Revealed

EA has confirmed the Limited Edition content for Medal of Honor, and best of all it costs the same as the standard edition.  That’s right, the Limited Edition will be $59.99 and add a few more weapons to your arsenal right off the bat.  The MP7, TOZ-104, and 870MC2 Shotguns will be available day one.  Standard Edition owners will also have access to those weapons but will have to earn them through the unlock ranking system.

At E3 it was also announced that PS3 users will get a copy of the 2002 award winning Medal of Honor: Frontlines.  Which copy do you plan on picking up?

Medal of Honor will shoot its way onto store shelves October 12th for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 with a Europe release on October 15th.


Halo: Reach Gets Down To Business With Limited Edition Bundle

You’ve dreamed, You’ve asked, You’ve waited.  Now Bungie is delivering the goods on there Limited Edition Bundle for the  next installment in the Halo universe.  The LE will cost you $80 and will include the following:

  • Custom case modeled after a recovered ONI data module
  • In-game Elite armor set for multiplayer
  • Artifact bag, which contains the personal notes and documents of the creator of the Spartan program: Dr. Catherine Halsey
  • Dr. Halsey’s ONI security badge
  • An embroidered Spartan II patch

You can check out screen shots of the bundle from our source below.

Halo: Reach will come to a store near you on September 14th exclusively on the Xbox 360.


Bayonetta Discounted On Amazon Today

Q1 of this year was a crazy time for gamers with what seemed like a new triple A game coming every week.  But in case you’ve missed out on Platinum Games “Bayonetta” today would be the best day to scoop it up.

Amazon is having a deal on the game and you can pick it up for 20$ for the PS3.  Unfortunately the deal is not running on the Xbox 360 as well, but if your looking for a great game to play before the “next big thing” then you cannot go wrong with Bayonetta.


After 30 Years It’s Still Haunted

Atari is celebrating it’s 30 year anniversary of the 1980 classic title Haunted House by releasing a downloadable title this September.

The sequel will go back to its spooky atmosphere and return players to the Graves Mansion.  The sequel will have enhanced graphics and follow the same concept but will offer new locations and a character shown in the third-person.

Haunted House will be available this fall for the PC, Xbox Live Arcade, and the Wii.


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