Daily Bits for 7/23/10

In today’s Daily Bits: Some nice gaming deals, Kane and Lynch demo goes live, Old Republic gets space fighting and LittleBigPlanet 2 gets a release date.

Such Great Deals

Looking for some gaming deals this weekend? EA is severely discounting the Mass Effect titles, with digital copies of the original selling for $5 this weekend, while Mass Effect 2 is selling for $23.97 ($35.97 for the deluxe edition). If you don’t already ahve the games, you will be hard pressed to find better prices. Pick them up at the EA Store.

Maybe a western style shooter is more you thing. then you are in luck. Steam is offering a chance to play Lead and Gold for free this weekend. If you find you like it, you can purchase the game for $7.49, half off the normal $15 dollar price.

All in all, not a bad weekend to be a gamer.

Kane and Lynch comes after non Playstation+ members

The Kane and Lynch 2 demo goes live to non Playstaion+ members on PSN Tuesday. As far as PC and 360 versions of the demo go, all Square will say is they will be released “next week.” So now almsot everyone will get the chance to see if the sequel can outdo the horrible first installment.


The Sackboys return November 16

There is no denying that LittleBigPlanet is a unique and entertaining game. Well, its sequel now has a bona-fide release date: November 16. The sequel will contain so much more than the original, including a game editor that allows you not only to edit levels in the game but also create entirely different game styles from puzzle to RTS.

Yeah, this is more than likely a day one purchase for me.


Space Combat confirmed for Old Republic

It’s official: Star Wars: The Old Republic will include space combat. The rumor had been reported at Comic-con by fan site Mos Eisley Radio, and Bioware confirmed this in its forums today. The game developer had already announced at E3 that gamers would have ships to house their characters, so this reveal is really not a shocker, but it has fans getting even more pumped for the release of this game.

You all know my stance on paying to play MMOs, but if I was ever to break my boycott of them, this game would be very tempting.


Speaking of Comic-Con

In the past, Comic-Con was all about comics. Then, slowly, the convention started to get invaded with more news about movies. Now video game news is starting to pour out of this year’s convention. Whether it is Capcom’s announcement that thor will be joining the cast of marvel VS Capcom 3, Bungie showing off Forge World and Firefight for Halo: Reach or all the news coming out about Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, this year’s convention appears to be a veritable cornucopia of gaming information.

Veritable cornucopia? Don’t ask.

Read Joystiq’s coverage of the Comic-Con gaming news here.


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