The Weekly Byte for 7/26/2010

New Releases

  • Tuesday 7/27 – Starcraft II : Wings of Liberty King of the RTS, MSRP – $59.99

News Bytes

THQ, Relic and Company of Heroes award service medals to veteran franchise players. Details are sketchy but if you have a copy of Company of Heroes, and plan to jump in when the free-to-play CoH goes online this Fall, you may want to bronze that CD Key.  One of the games producers, was quoted in an interview as saying how much the CoH team appreciates it’s fan-base, and will have some rewards in store for those who enter their CD Keys into the free-to-play game when it hits.  For those unfamiliar, Company of Heroes debuted shortly after Vista, and revolutionized RTS games by abandoning the traditional base-building/resource gathering system found in games, and created a Risk-style game mechanic, where players fought for control of supply routes/depots to choke out their opponents in a WWII setting.  The game has seen expansions, and remains a largely popular competitive online game, in the RTS space.  Registration is still ongoing for the game, with chances to get into the Beta.

Charge up your R2 unit, space combat is coming the Old Rebuplic.  It seems PC Gamer will have the scoop on space combat in Old Republic, for their October issue, so details will be scarce until then.  I’m sure it’s great news for those already looking forward to TOR, or maybe it’s something that will attract players on the fence about investing in the game.  Full details will not be disclosed until the issue hits, on 8/17, but it will be interesting to see how the combat factors in with that games features, and if it will be an interesting addition, or an annoyance, hindering travel within the game’s universe.

Fighting games making a PC comeback? We can only hope so!  PC gamers reveled in the release of Street Fighter IV for PC, now we can continue the great one-on-one fighting game battles with BlazBlue : Calamity Trigger!  The good news is that Japanese fans can square off when the game releases there on August 26th, the bad news is that Games for Windows LIVE will be handling the multiplayer aspects.  No news on a US release yet, but we will be watching this closely, maybe Mortal Kombat will follow suit, with Marvel vs. Capcom not far behind?

Dragon Age 2 breathing fire on traditional RPG lovers?  I have to admit, as much as I like what I hear about Dragon Age, it seems to be abandoning all of the things that made it hearken back to the RPG of yore.  New details outline a more action-oriented combat system, and a streamlined conversation system, limiting choices to no more than three responses–each with a Mass Effect-style Paragon/Renegade icon.  While I very much enjoy strategy and tactics in my games, I do prefer them blended into the action setting, and the punishing I took in DA:O was enough to sway me from not finishing it(yet).  To me, these details are welcome and not upsetting, but I can definitely understand how those who enjoyed the style and gameplay of DA:O could see this as a negative “Mass Effect in a fantasy setting” setup.  Unfortunately, I think the latter portion of gamers make up the minority and Bioware is definitely catering to the masses in the DA sequel, but either way I can’t wait to see it this Spring.

Geared Up

This week’s Geared Up gear is not out yet, but pay’s homage to a 12 year, in the making, gaming juggernaut Starcraft II.  Hailing from Comic-Con, DC Unlimited has announced the first three figures, in their Starcraft II series.  The first three are an action pose of hero, Jim Raynor, sans armor, a space marine and Protoss Dark Templar, Zeratul.  This set of three will be in range of our tractor beams in Spring of 2011.  If they follow suit, from the similar WoW series’ from DC Unlimited, they will stand 8.5 inches tall, and retail for around $26.99 for the set—-however, those specifics have not been released yet, that is my speculation from past precedence.  Detailed pictures, from various angles, are displayed here, or check out the pic of the set below.

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